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Contract Wallet for NFT

unWallet is useful when providing a wallet to general users who do not own MetaMask.

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About unWallet

unWallet is a non-custodial wallet consisting of a contract wallet with core functions and a web-based UI.

Get your wallet with familiar social logins, no need to manage seed phrases. In addition, it is possible to realize functions that cannot be achieved with EOA, such as a recovery function to deal with loss or theft of private keys, crypto asset-less NFT operations through meta-transactions, and a lock function to protect NFTs from fraud.


Features of unWallet

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by social login ​
Easy setup

You can use unWallet simply by logging in with your Google account or Apple ID. There is no need for troublesome tasks such as signing up with an ID/password or managing seed phrases, and you can use the account you usually use on your smartphone as it is.

No need to own crypto Cash payment function for tx fees

Using unWallet's meta-transaction function, it is also possible for the application operator to support the end-user's transaction fee payment (either by completely taking over the transaction fee, or by paying in cash on the premise that the end-user will pay the transaction fee in advance or later in fiat currency). ※

Rewards management features that come with NFTs

You can manage information about benefits exclusive to NFT holders in your wallet. NFTs are often given benefits from issuers and third parties, and we believe that including those benefits is the value of NFTs.

※Cash payment can be provided in combination with unWallet Enterprise (SaaS).

Protecting NFTs from Fraud ​NFT lock function

This is a function that prevents NFT from being transferred. Even if you electronically sign a transaction to transfer your NFT without realizing it is a fraudulent site, the transfer will not be executed. Since it is difficult to prevent clever frauds simply by being careful, we believe that it is important not to suffer damage even if we are caught in a trap.

Function when the private key is lost or stolen

unWallet, which is a contract wallet, can deal with the loss or theft of the private key with the recovery function. Even for general web services, passwords are lost frequently, so this function is considered indispensable for users without specialized knowledge.

multi-factor authentication

In order to use unWallet, users must not only authenticate using Google login or Apple ID login, but also pass multi-factor authentication using SMS or FIDO, thus strictly restricting use by anyone other than the wallet holder himself/herself.

(Note) Including functions currently under development or suspended

Features of unWallet

Distribution of NFTs


By using unWallet, NFT can be smoothly distributed to general users

Distribute NFTs by getting wallets with familiar social logins. You can distribute NFT so smoothly that you can't feel the existence of the wallet.

NFT distribution package​
The cost can be flexible from $100

Please use NFT distribution for various purposes, such as distributing NFT as a certificate of attendance by using the QR code at the event, or distributing NFT as a promotion on SNS.

Also, unWallet has strengths after distributing NFTs. The next development such as communication function with NFT owners is also possible, so please contact us.

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No knowledge of blockchain Developers can easily make their applications NFT-enabled.

We offer "unWallet Enterprise," a SaaS that comprehensively provides APIs and SDKs that enable developers with no knowledge of blockchain to make their applications NFT-compliant.


It is easy to embed unWallet, create and issue NFTs, and check your NFT holdings.

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Web3 provider

For companies that have a track record of providing Dapps, we provide an EIP1193-compliant SDK "unWallet provider". See the documentation for details.

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