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SaaS to support the development of NFT services


unWallet Enterprise is a SaaS that provides APIs and SDKs necessary for developers without NFT expertise to develop NFT-based applications.


By linking with unWallet (※), users can smoothly provide wallets with familiar social logins, and there is no need to manage seed phrases.

In addition, crypto-asset-less NFT operations are also possible through meta-transactions.

Features of unWallet Enterprise

by social login
​Easy setup

You can use unWallet simply by logging in with your Google account or Apple ID. There is no need for troublesome tasks such as signing up with an ID/password or managing seed phrases, and you can use the account you usually use on your smartphone as it is.

It's possible to develop NFT services without specialized knowledge.

​Connecting your application with unWallet is similar to the social login you are used to. Neither end-users nor application developers require advanced blockchain expertise.

Owning Crypto make unnecessary tx fee cash payment function

Using unWallet's meta-transaction function, it is also possible for the application operator to support the end-user's transaction fee payment (either by completely taking over the transaction fee, or by paying in cash on the premise that the end-user will pay the transaction fee in advance or later in fiat currency).


​The end user's private key is controlled by the end user. unWallet does not store or make use of the end user's raw private key, nor is the application developer required to do so.

Supports loss or theft of private keys

UnWallet, which is a contract wallet, can deal with the loss or theft of the private key with the recovery function. Even for general web services, passwords are lost frequently, so this function is considered indispensable for users without specialized knowledge.

multi-factor authentication

In order to use unWallet, it is necessary to pass multi-factor authentication using SMS and FIDO as well as authentication by Google login and Apple ID login. In other words, it is possible to strictly restrict usage by anyone other than the wallet owner.


​Comparison with other wallets

unWallet Enterprise aims to be both end-user friendly (high convenience and high security) and developer friendly (easy application linkage).


​Web3 MAU Billing※1

​「Web3 MAU」=「MAW(Monthly Active Wallet)」

​Since a user in Web3 is a wallet unit, we have adopted a billing method based on the number of active wallets.


※1  Web3's definition of MAU billing

If any of the following apply, it will be judged as an active wallet

  • Wallet of user authenticated with unWallet​

  • e-signed wallet

  • Wallet that received token issuance

  • ​​Target wallet for which the list of owned tokens has been acquired

​※2 Blockchain fees paid by users and companies are paid by unWallet Enterprise at the time of transaction issuance,

  and billed in Fiat Currency.

​​※3 Cash payment fee is free, but Gas fee is actual cost.


  • The payment site closes at the end of the month, sends an invoice the following month, and pays at the end of the month after next.

  • ​​Price plans are subject to change

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